The people at MD Express Tags are fantastic! It was an amazing experience and service!

Edward Adone

I got a plate and a title for a used car during a pandemic and it was very quick.


I went to Maryland Speedy to get my tags renewed and get a title change. The customer service was great. The owner took the time to answer my questions, even those not related to the service they provided. I then had to circle back to them to get copies of documents I misplaced and needed for Virginia DMV, Brenda was happy to help and again I received information regarding a process I did not understand. Thank you all for the great service, follow-through, and patience!!!

Victoria R

Visited today to update registration on my MDX. Karen was awesome! She was very friendly & knowledgeable. A+

Christian S

Great customer service. I went there for my MC temp tags and again for my full 2-year registration. All the employees there were really friendly and professional, the first day took maybe 15 mins and 2nd time I was in and out in less than 5. I had heard these places charge a high convenience fee but my receipt is the same price as it would’ve been at the MVA but a lottttt less of a headache. I will definitely go back with anything else I need to get.

Chris C

The young lady who helped me yesterday was nice and friendly and knew what she was talking about.


Very friendly and fast service. Only about $35 extra and a 3 min transaction to renew my tags compared to hours at the MVA. Would recommend.

James C

Melissa and Dymond were awesome in helping me get my car registered in Maryland. It’s a pain in the butt process but they both really helped me out and I was out of there much faster than I thought I would be.

Elizabeth F

I went to the laurel Maryland branch located on 7th Street. Very helpful and nice ladies working that day. I will be doing all my business there from now on.

Edward B

Dymond and Brenda were extremely helpful. DMV said we could not transfer the title. Dymond and Brenda got it done in a few minutes with a smile and no attitude. Awesome!!!!!

Tom W

The personnel are AWESOME! They were polite and courteous! They made my Saturday! They can conduct pretty much ALL services except license services. They got me in and out of there in 5 mins.

Channel B

I moved here from out of state and these girls were so kind and helpful. I really appreciated the help!

LaDonna B

Services here were amazing they are so professional & quick!!!!!! I would recommend going here

Miguel S

Only took about 30 minutes to get my title, tags, and registration. The employees were nice and I didn’t have to wait in line.

Leslie C

Awesome place, very fast only was in there 5 minutes getting new tags. Nice people work inside the place. Great job.

Kaylnn R

Best place for fast and friendly service. Highly recommended!

Skyye W

Very professional, speedy service, answer all questions.

Raymon H

They were super friendly and very efficient!

Dana S

Fast and efficient service

Kim K

This place is great. Stoney and Debbie were out of this world with their customer service and know-how. I will recommend anyone to this location.

Tina M

I will never go to the DMV to do anything that Speedy can do. They are quick professional and know their stuff. It’s worth the little extra it costs to save an MVA trip!

Ron M

Great service. Really helpful, really nice, and not afraid to tell you what you need to know to get what you need done. Really good folks.

Root H

My husband and I have had great experiences with the Marley Station Tag and Title. We moved from Virginia and had to register our vehicles and all the headache that comes with moving. I have been to the Marley Station 5 times in the last two months and each time I was met with professionalism and excellent customer service. (Having to go there 5 times was through no fault of their own). I would recommend them 100%; Especially Stoney, who took care of us each time. He has excellent customer service skills and is very knowledgeable about his job! I recommend this place to anyone!

Jay S

Shanti & Stoney were AWESOME! They made taking care of business very easy & sufficient!! It wasn’t expensive like everyone stated. I will never visit another MVA again! ????????????

Keyona C

Ran into the manager on the escalator in JC Penney while looking for the place and he was friendly, professional, and courteous. The entire transaction could not have taken more than 5 minutes and this location was $25-$45 cheaper than two other local AACO locations! Unbelievably positive experience!!!

Paul T

Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, in and out in minutes with no problems, highly recommend this establishment to any future business

Joseph E

Great service..my girl inside is the bomb.

Marc K

Each time I’ve used their service its been a lot faster and easier than going to the MVA. Use them when you can!!!!!!!!!

Jordan K

Very nice, faster and efficient people!!!

Ery M

They were very helpful in assisting with my tag purchase.

Joshua T

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely use their service in the future.

Tony P

I went in there on a Friday afternoon. Had all my documentation ready, and the entire process took 12 minutes. Took me longer to put the tags on when I got home. Kevin didn’t waste any time processing me.

Ray P

Got EVERYTHING I had to do, done in less than 10-13 mins

Emerald F

Nice service. New to MD and the woman took the time to explain how things work around here. Highly recommended.

Robert J

Great service…the 2 young ladies there were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional!

Andrew G

Customer service was amazing and took no time at all.

Angela K

In and out fast and they were very knowledgeable

Juda B

I’ve been to this location 3 times. The first time was 2 years ago to get my hard tags and I was in and out. My second time going was last week to get my tags renewed but one of my paid flags did not clear. The front desk associate offered to give me a call once it cleared. I wasn’t really expecting them to really follow up with a phone call but 2 business days later a lady called me to let me know it cleared and what the prices would be for the renewal! I went today for my renewal about 45 mins before they closed and was greeted right away! My visit was less than 10 mins. Beats going to MVA any day! The ladies in this office are always professional and very kind! 🙂

Nishay N

I had a great experience. In and out in 20 minutes for complete tax tags title registration. Friendly staff and reasonable rates.

Andrew W

I just dropped my tags off. I had to pay $5 to do so but I guess that beat trying to get to the MVA. It was fast and the young lady was pleasant.

Christina H

Fantastic, quick, and easy service! Transferred a title from out of state and got temporary tags and a new registration all within 15-20 minutes and NO LINE! Can’t get any better than that. Customer service was great, the people working at the desk were very friendly and personable. Thank you for making this process a breeze and for taking my stress level down to zero. Will be using them for all my tag and title needs from now on!

Amanda W

Speedy is a very good way to describe this place. Vastly faster than going to MVA and great service

Robert F

I am a returning customer. I got in and out in a very reasonable amount of time(sure beats the long line at MVA) workers are very friendly and hospitable

Jarvis T

When a service claims they are speedy one may suspect a rushed job and an impersonal experience. I went there at 5pm something on a Monday, during the holiday season. Simran Singh (also known as Sim), the kind and welcoming manager there was helpful, speedy, and spared time to explain things and ensure I understood. No matter the time of day or busy season, or the fact that it was Monday stopped her from being kind and attentive. She assisted me efficiently and I was in and out! I will go back and do recommend others. You don’t have to wait in line just to be spoken to rudely. Great place! Simran Singh was professional, proper, and sweet!

Paris B

It was a breath of fresh air to experience the services I received from “Maryland Speedy Tag & Title” yesterday. After dealing with the fiasco at MVA on Reisterstown road (unable to change tags from one state back to Maryland). I decided to take a chance and I went to “Maryland Speedy Tag & Title located in Security Mall on Security Boulevard and they live up to their name!! I was able to change my tags and was out of there within 20 minutes. Thank you, Ms. Kayla S., your service was fantastic, you were professional and efficient. From now on, I know where to go to receive excellent service.

Sandy M

After spending close to 4 hours at the MVA in Glen Burnie, I thought I would try MD Speedy Tag to finish up my title transfer. It took 15 minutes and I was out of there! Great service and they know what they are doing! No more MVA lines for me

Michael S

Very friendly and informative staff. I didn’t wait at all!!

Lisa W

Service is always good / people need to have all their paperwork in order so the service can be speedy as they state.

Cache K

They were speedy and knowledgeable with great customer service! Needed to transfer a vehicle and they worked it out seamlessly!

Rod M

Very fast service helped me with exactly what I needed. Very good service.

Yechiel B

Thank you! Maryland speedy tag & title. I tried to go to the MVA and I had to wait an extremely long time and ended up leaving. the next day I came here to get my tags and it took about 20 minutes and I had to wait for someone else to finish in front of me.

Jason J

Thank you needed my title and wanted to avoid standing in line. Worth every penny. Was in and out tittle arrived in 2 business days. THANK YOU

Mary R

Great place for all your titling and tagging needs. They walked me through sorting out the wrongfully recorded insurance violation and lienholder address for my new vehicle. I’m very thankful for their exceptional customer service. With all the issues I’ve encountered, I was still in and out of their shop in under a half-hour. Would highly recommend using fast tag and title over MVA. Also if you’re still uncertain, you can call them and ask what paperwork you need to bring and how much it will cost, so just try them.

Oleksiy B

I was here for my rav4 bought from out of state and Latoya took care of me so fast and did all the paperwork and within a few minutes, I was set with registration and tags for two years. They do their job quickly and efficiently. Definitely worth going.

Stephen G

Irvin is very friendly and has excellent customer service. He was very helpful in providing information and explaining the process of things as he went along. I enjoyed conversing with him and he has a great sense of humor.

Cappy E

I work for a company that has a transport fleet and I have been using Tag & Title places to register our vehicles for years. But Since I experience great customer service from Maryland Speedy Tag & Title I have never use anyone other than MD Speedy Tag & Title. LaToya’s customer service is amazing, she’s always smiling and makes me feel welcome all the time. Irvine is also wonderful and very helpful. I was flabbergasted yesterday when I received a call from LaToya telling me that according to there records we have a vehicle that is due for Tag Renewal. And she was right. I never knew they keep track of there customers renewals much more going to the extent of communicating it to them. That is a GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE!!! Thank you Maryland Speedy Tag & Title!

Thierno D

Mrs. Byfield was very helpful from the beginning to the end. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes as well.

Jamal W

Man if u tired of dealing with the MVA come here no headache in and out. Also best customer service so polite. This place is great thanks to the staff for just being great.

Bug N

Quick and professional. Also gave me a better deal than the first place I called.


Nice courteous service, in and out in 5 minutes. Very friendly people

Sammy F

Great customer service from Ivan, they were very professional and fast. I went here to return my tags and was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

Anisha TJ

Kayla was absolutely fantastic and extremely helpful. I am in the process of relocating from FL to MD and the entire process of registering my vehicle has been a challenging one, to say the least, but she was patient enough to assist me and stay 20 minutes after they were scheduled to close to make sure I got what I needed. Above and beyond customer service! Much appreciated.

Matthew F

Very good place to get your tags. Nice employees

Roy B

Really smooth easy service! Was done in under 10min!!!! I was serviced by Ivan 🙂 thanks y’all!

Lashawn W

It took me about 3 minutes to turn in my tags at this location and the employee was polite and helpful.

L.R. Koschoreck

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